Cloud Bookkeeping

It’s all about online accounting software:

Forget written in the stars, it’s about the cloud now with cloud bookkeeping from Kashflow keeping you in touch and in control with your business anywhere you have access to the internet, anytime day or night. Imagine doing a bank reconciliation whilst you’re on the train!

A few years ago the concept of cloud-computing was pretty much alien to most of us. We have created and continue to develop our internet-based software to make looking after the books for your enterprise easy. We particularly specialise in microbusinesses, from freelance workers and sole traders, with our solution also suitable right through to the more traditional SME set up.

And there’s the key. Our accounting system is accessed purely via the internet. There’s no memory-heavy software to download onto a desktop computer (with multiple licences to pay for if you want it on, say, a laptop at home too) and no slow loading to open up the program. Simply log in and you’re away.

Manage your books in the cloud with online accounting software

The cloud bookkeeping software we are talking about is not to be confused with other ‘cloud-services’ advertised that offer outsourced accountancy skills over the internet. Kashflow is a simple to set up and use solution offering excellent functionality. You can do as much or as little with it as you like, so you do everything from completely managing your business right down to end of year accounts and tax returns, or just use it to record debits and credits so your qualified accountant can then easily access the data and do the rest.

One important point to make about which cloud bookkeeping package you use is where the provider is based. We are in the UK, so our methods are always in line with current rules and regulations for British businesses in terms of tax, VAT, and other revenue and customs issues – essential for all businesses of any size based in this country.

Just when you think we couldn’t wax lyrical anymore about the advantages and conveniences of cloud bookkeeping, there is actually an offline element to Kashflow. For example, if you have lots of transactions to enter in one go, you can download the RapidFire app and work offline to load the details on quickly and easily.

In terms of usability we pride ourselves on producing a cloud-based accounting system that is intuitive and reliable. All the complicated stuff goes on in the background, so it’s pretty hard to really get things in a mess, but if you do we are here to help with our experienced customer service team on hand for you.

One of the top four cloud bookkeeping companies out there

Don’t take our word for it, a quick search on the internet and you’ll come across independent cloud bookkeeping software reviews by accountants who have voted us in as one of the ‘big four’ in this highly competitive arena. This means that our online accounting package is well received not just by the end-user who usually has little accountancy methodology knowledge, but also by the professionals who use our accountant’s version of the system to be able to work on clients’ books in real-time.

And if you need any more convincing about Kashflow cloud bookkeeping, you can watch a video overview on our homepage and sign up for a 14-day free trial and you’ll see how, within minutes, your paperwork nightmares will be a thing of the past! To read KashFlow’s main Bookkeeping page, please click here Bookkeeping.

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