As a small business, isn’t it time you KashFlow it?

KashFlow is cloud based, hassle free bookkeeping software that is packed to the rafters with wonderful features to make your job easier. Whether you need a solution for accounting, bookkeeping or payroll, KashFlow is a jargon free, intuitive software that can be accessed from anywhere.


What’s so good about KashFlow?

    • Easily reconcile bank feeds, know what money you have where and when
    • Simplified tax software that lets you file your return directly with HMRC
    • Change your quotes to invoices at the click of a button, no more duplications
    • Send automated invoices to aged debtors – no more chasing money owed to you
    • Being completely UK based helps keep our clients compliant with things like VAT legislation
    • 80,000 sole traders and small businesses use KashFlow – is it time you join them?

If you’re a Quickbooks or Sage user it is really easy to transfer all of your business data into KashFlow. Alternatively if you use spreadsheets such as Excel you can import data such as invoices, customers and transactions quickly and easily.


See how IRIS KashFlow works with your business and your books