Tax Assist Poole

Martin and Liz Tapley

TaxAssist Accountants are the largest network of accountants in the UK who focus specifically on small businesses. As an accountancy network they look after 20,000 customers including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

“Initially we were issued with another bookkeeping solution when commencing our franchise. We were then approached by Nina Gallagher at Tax Assist and asked to pilot the new KashFlow software.”

“I must admit when we first signed up we didn’t look at the system for the first couple of weeks. However once we did start exploring the features we quickly realised we had found the right solution for our sector of the market. We have contacted KashFlow directly on many occasions and their staff are always thoroughly supportive.”

“The systems compares very highly to other accounting software. We have adopted it for our own books because we believe it is perfect for our SME base. We now know exactly where we stand as a business and there is no doubt that our customers pick up on our enthusiasm for the product.”

“We have been able to improve our focus on cash flow management – and without having to put much effort into keeping on top of things. The system is very intuitive. It quickly educates you to know the business KPI’s. But it is equally easy to drill down when necessary.”

“The software being online has bought benefits to us. For a start there’s the backup feature. The accessibility comes as a major advantage. It also lets us develop a better feel for our clients’ strengths and weaknesses as bookkeepers. The feedback we receive from our clients is very, very positive towards the system.”

“We used the personal branding feature within the system for the Tax Assist corporate colours and we have already been recommending the software to other Tax Assist franchisees. The product is the best we know on the market for small businesses.”

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.